About POW

I am Roy Ponder, POW Ponder on Weather. I mainly focus on North Texas since I live in McKinney, but will forecast other areas during major events. I’m a family man that’s in the insurance business to provide for my family with a deep passion for the weather. I created the motto “Protecting you before and after the storm”. I’m a numbers guy with a photographic memory. My style of forecasting is that we have 120 yrs worth of weather records so I match up analogs and weather patterns to past events. I always trust the pattern and analogs with my approach to forecasting. The models are only the guide. I typically do a live week ahead forecast and at times will give you my thoughts on the longer range so you have an idea to what to expect with the season ahead and of course fine tune it along the way. Trust me, I follow the weather a lot, so I created this page for YOU so you can have a go to source. The page has created an outlet for me to fulfill my hobby and help me craft my skills to get better. Feel free to ask any questions or something you’re not sure of. I appreciate you following and I’ll continue to keep you ahead of the storm.

There is no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather. – John Ruskin


8 thoughts on “About POW

  1. Hi my name is Joel Singer and I want you to give a weather report for the winter for the city of Columbia Illinois and St. Louis will that be possible I really just want to know thanks


  2. Roy,

    Your frorecasting the weather by far is superior to any source I have seen! Your “teaching” of why it works is a gift, and I thank for sharing your wisdom and teachings of the inner workings of nature, as I eagerly await your youtube updates every day.


  3. Roy,Please call me,I’m Keith the firefighter in Pittsburgh,Pa & will have extra crews on for the Monday/Tuesday storm,THANX TO YOU


  4. Your presentation is excellent.
    Its is thorough and easily understood. The material can be adsorbed by individuals at elementary levels,or those at advanced levels. IOTA concerns me presently because I have friends and family in its potential path and because we remember hurricane MITCH in 1998. Thank you for your site.


  5. Enjoy your passion for weather. Equal to my own, but I don’t have the tech chops.
    Glad you’re out there. Your tropical storm predictions in the Caribbean were spot on last autumn.


  6. Stumbled onto your weather reports a week ago. They are the most accurate reports I have seen in years. Keep up the fantastic work.


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